Reykjavik - School Report Question and Answers

How would you rate the school's support and welcome/integration of new students and their families, and why?

We arrived during COVID, so perhaps it's not a good basis to judge, but there was no new family orientation. It's small enough, though, that we were able to meet individually with administrators and teachers before the start of the school year. - Jul 2022

In our experience - poor - it seems to us that they definitely treat non-Icelanders different than Icelanders. And, we also felt that the French national teacher had a clear preference for the two French students in the class. - Jan 2022

A - Mar 2015

A- We had a number of new students throughout the year. We would always have productive and informative meetings with both the students and parents. My class had a number of play dates, and we made sure that our new students were always invited to these occasions. - Aug 2014

Generally, the school is supportive. However, I am a person who asks a lot of questions and is not shy about it. I have never felt I was an imposition on the school. Everyone is always very friendly and helpful. - May 2014

Non-existent. We wrote to ISI to enroll our child 6 months before we arrived. I had to write two more times before we received a response and even then it was non-committal. We had to find out when school was starting by asking other parents once we arrived in town. - Apr 2014

No issues here. - Mar 2014

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