Reykjavik - School Report Question and Answers

What is the approximate teacher-to-student ratio in the grades that your child attended?

1:15 - Jul 2022

1 to 12-16 - Jan 2022

A - Mar 2015

A I had eleven students in my class with one teacher aid. This was a standard ratio for most classrooms. - Aug 2014

Low. 5:1 in 3rd/4th grade. 6:1 in 5th/7th grade. However this changes from year to year depending on the expat population. - May 2014

Depends on the grade but anywhere from 15:1 to 6:1. - Apr 2014

The class sizes are small, which sounds great on the surface, but in reality, the classes end up getting combined with other classes, moving rooms, and it's all a bit disorganized. - Mar 2014

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