What letter grade (ranging from A, excellent, to F, fail) would you assign to this school based on your overall experience? Would you choose it again?

A, yes I would choose it again. I wish we could stay here longer. - Feb 2019

A- I would choose it in a heartbeat. Our son loved it. We loved it. We are elated our son had the joy of going there for two years. - May 2018

It really depends on the student. For our daughter the school was an A-. She had phenomenal pre-school and Kindergarten teachers. Her first and second grade teacher was really lovely and effective too. Our daughter was happy and learned a lot. But our daughter was the ideal student: eager to learn and a hard worker who was happy to do her work and didn't get bored. Our daughter stayed there for our full tour of 3.5 years. For our son the school was an F and he only stayed for 1.5 years at this school because of it. Beginning in the second grade, his learning style conflicted with how the school operates (slow processor and gifted). The school has no flexibility in dealing with different students. After attempts to gain help through the school psychologist, principal, and teacher we considered pulling him out of school mid-year. The principal convinced us to give the school another chance after they split up the oversized classes mid-year. Regrettably we stayed and finished the year. The following school year we had him switch to a Montessori school which was the perfect fit for him. - Apr 2017

B. We would not choose it again, as the grading is to rigorous for our children. - Jun 2016

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