Vientiane - School Report Question and Answers

What fine arts electives are available (music, drama, visual arts)?

There's a little bit of all of the above. Due to the school's size, the electives are driven more by what the students' interests are. I think that the school would react appropriately if there were kids that wanted to do something. There is an active community theater program that puts on two shows a year at the school which is wonderful. We've gone to music shows with student performers as well. - Jun 2021

VIS has a good visual arts and drama program. They have a black box theatre that hosts one-act plays directed by students and staff. Every year they stage one large play outdoors, which is a fantastic event. If you want to see your kids emote on stage under enormous magnolia trees, VIS is your place. VIS does fall short in the music department. The instrumental music department is notably weak; many kids (including one of ours) were left with no band or orchestra options. - Sep 2020

In VIS electives don't really exist because PE, design and fine arts subjects are valued the same as math, English and science. Although this is nice, the school does not focus enough on core English and mathematics classes so some students are not well prepared for the IB or struggle when they move back to their home country. - Oct 2017

The kids have music 3 x per week. The kids put on two full shows a year for the parents. This year it involved singing and instruments. In elementary school, the kids take a foreign language. Chinese or French are offered. There is "mother tongue" for those who want their kids to have the mother tongue taught for a portion of the day. - Jan 2016

B - Apr 2012

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