Vientiane - School Report Question and Answers

How is the overall communication between teachers and parents, and the administration and parents? How is communication facilitated?

Teachers and parent communication could be better. I guess I would say it is uneven. Some teachers are excellent in their communication and others seem to not make it as much of a priority. Most of it is through the ManageBac system. I think that parents need to be more involved if they want to improve the communication (i.e., if parents want more communication, they can probably make it happen, but they have to be proactive about it). - Jun 2021

Communication is good, both between the administration and parents and between teachers and parents. Communication takes place on a variety of levels and through lots of different platforms - ManageBac for grades and enrollment, SchoolsBuddy for extracurricular activities, etc. Teachers regularly emailed (and sometimes even called) us to discuss academic issues, as did the administration. - Sep 2020

In secondary school there is a rule about 'independent students' and the principal and teachers will tell you straight away that they will only communicate with students and not with parents. Teachers will only communicate with parents directly if there is a serious problem. - Oct 2017

Plenty of info from the class to the parent. Most is done via email but there are 2 parent-teacher meetings during the year. Teachers are always open to dialogue. - Jan 2016

B - Apr 2012

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