Abidjan - Post Report Question and Answers

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Life here is what you make it. If you have any kind of western expectations you can very easily make yourself miserable. Let go and enjoy this city and the surrounding areas for what they are. There is plenty of sunshine, oceanfront and greenery to enjoy. Make friends, join in things that you might not normally. This is a beautiful country. - Mar 2021

Overall this is pretty easy, and a smooth posting, and I will not regret it but it is not my favorite. East and Southern Africa were both more to my liking, but that is likely due to my lack of French skills. - May 2020

If one cannot escape a tour in Subsaharan Africa, then Abidjan is probably your best choice. IF one can avoid Abidjan avoid it, but that goes for most of the region. People who like Abidjan tend to be Francophone Africaphiles. Good luck! - Feb 2020

It's easy to bang your head against the wall here. Graft and corruption are accepted. Educated people believe in witchcraft. You can go around in circles just trying to order a drink. Do not come to Abidjan with the idea it will be a great jumping-off place to see the rest of Africa. Plane fare is expensive, and direct flights to places of interest do not always exist. However, you probably will save up enough money to make one or two trips. Mali and South Africa are popular. - Jun 2009

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