Abidjan - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Petty crime, nothing too crazy. - Mar 2021

There are no go areas. There were attacks on foreigners, but not since 2016. Still, personal security awareness is crucial as with most big cities. My compound has had multiple break-ins but not my house. Our houses have guards and mine has a loud dog, so I think we are not so attractive. But even those houses who were targeted were only quickly entered and then the thieves ran, more of a crime of opportunity (doors were unlocked) - May 2020

Yes, while it is definitely safer than a lot of places, bad things can go wrong at any moment. Lock your cars, be aware of your surroundings at night, and never venture into dangerous neighborhoods - one will learn what these are. Having said that, this is no Johannesburg, one can walk on the streets during the day, and as previously stated carjackings are not common. The biggest looming security concern is the upcoming Presidential election in October 2020. Previous Presidential elections have been quite violent, and resulted in civil wars - so that is a huge issue weighing on the minds of Ivorians and expats alike. - Feb 2020

There is minor petty crime although some home burglaries did happen at Embassy houses. - Mar 2017

Yeah, don't walk outside at night, and RSO advises staying out of certain neighborhoods. There were a few home invasions more than a year ago, but the embassy houses are pretty safe and have 24 hour guards. - Aug 2015

There is a lot of crime -- especially around Christmas time. Home invasions seem to be less common these days. But the police are my main issue. There are several security forces -- all of them taking bribes. They all carry AK-47s. However, it is commonly believed the guns are not loaded since the safeties are not on, and none of the police have managed to kill themselves while using their AK-47s to direct traffic, gesture, scratch, and twirl like batons. - Jun 2009

There is crime in Abidjan, with occasional carjackings and home invasions. That said, no one at post who follows security rules has had a problem. It is unsafe to walk around after dark alone or even with groups, simply because you stand out and people imagine you have money. The security office recommends that you drive everywhere after dark, even if only a block away. The embassy provides 24-hour a day guards, alarm systems, and many other security procedures to make you feel safe and secure at home. - Jan 2009

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