Abidjan - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

The post-supported school is great for us. There have been some complaints from some people who have had experiences with very small schools with single digit student to teacher ratios, who are used to very individualized programs. For those of us who have been at larger and US schools longer, its fantastic. My middle schoolers have thrived here. The teachers are engaging and responsive, the student body is warm and inviting. They have a special education coordinator and gifted student services. You have to request these services and they expect parent involvement in order for the service and student to be successful, but that isn't anything that would not be expected anywhere. - Mar 2021

There is one International School with English instruction and one with instruction in French. They are so-so. We are at ICSA. My son is MUCH happier during Covid, as he finds the kids (even his "friends") to be bullies and generally very rough. He has been okay and gets very good grades, but is not loving it here and although he will do one more year at ICSA, he feels it is bearable, but not a good experience. He has gone to international schools in Kenya, Nepal and Montenegro. This is his least favorite. He is also TOTALLY unchallenged, even with a special plan to challenge him more. - May 2020

International schools for those who desire an American curriculum are limited. There are some very good French schools, but then the children will be stuck in the French curriculum. - Feb 2020

There is an American and a French school there. Many other private schools are also there and are very good such as Mermoz and Grain de Soleil. - Mar 2017

Before the US Embassy was evacuated twice, the international school was pretty large and quite nice. Now the facility is rented out to the UN, and a smaller version of the school is still chugging along. Currently, there are no American children at the US Embassy. - Jun 2009

American International School. Some embassy family members have found work there, but I have heard the school is somewhat disorganized. This hasn't really been a concern as children are currently not allowed at post. - Jan 2009

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