Abidjan - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes. Used to be difficult to get installed, much better since COVID, so at least there are some silver linings.... - Mar 2021

Yes, and some locations have fiber. Our internet is mostly OK. We watch TV and I work from home, all using internet. Took us a month maybe? - May 2020

Expect to pay US$100 a month for unreliable service that will having varying speed quality. Many people use LTE internet service as broadband, however this usually becomes throttled after one has used a certain amount of gigabytes within the month. - Feb 2020

Internet is available and reliable. You can get a portable wifi and have immediate access. - Mar 2017

Yes, and it's really improved. DSL is $80-90 a month and is fast enough to stream video. Some people tether from their 3G phone connections. We can stream HD video (with an American VPN service, but upload speeds are pretty dismal. - Aug 2015

Yes. However, it's West Africa. Prepare to go to war with which ever internet company you chose. - Jun 2009

Yes. There are two companies - Aviso and AFNet. Costs for DSL are around US$50 a month, and can go lower or higher depending on how fast you want your connection to be. Service is sometimes spotty, and can go out from time to time. Paying your bill is also a pain, because you need to go to pay in person with cash. You can prepay for several months, however, if you forget to go in to pay, they will cut your service off. - Jan 2009

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