What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

There is not a ton unless you are quite adventurous but there are some monkey sanctuaries up country, zip lines and a few eco lodges. It is a beautiful country. - May 2020

No. People go to the beach, but it is just a mediocre beach with really overpriced hotels. - Feb 2020

I love the main university in Cocody. It's several square miles of mostly green space with little traffic, only students walking around. It's a great place to run at sunrise or sunset. - Aug 2015

Nightclubs, bars, restaurants. Grand Bassam beach is only an hour away from Abidjan and great for a day trip (though the vendors will bug you). Assini is about two hours away and nicer, but you pay a lot (no bargains!) and you should bring your own pillow. There are markets, but the quality of local crafts are either (a) poor and far too expensive for what you are getting, or (b) good and expensive. There are no bargains to be had. There are no cool animals (killed off years ago) and the preserves/national parks are now off limits as they are in territories controlled by Force Nouvelle or bandits. Abidjan does not have one single tourist attraction. Most everyone gets a tailor and starts having clothes made. Men have had tuxes and suits made for the Marine Ball. Women get local outfits, gowns for the Marine ball, casual clothes, you name it. - Jun 2009

Day trips to very nice beach resorts an hour away or a three hour drive to one of the largest basilicas in the world, located in the de-facto capital city of Yamoussoukro (where you can feed alligators live chickens - yikes!). Longer road trips to Ghana: Accra is about 9 hours by car, with many historical and interesting slave castles, beach resorts, and other fun things to do on the way there. - Jan 2009

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