What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Parties, bars, running clubs, beach outings, upcountry outings, fitness clubs. - May 2020

Going to restaurants, going to the beach, going to bars, going to more restaurants, going to the beach again, lots and lots of bars - restaurants etc. Not much to do other than to go to restaurants and bars (although none of the bars were that great, but lots of great restaurants). A lot of house parties. - Feb 2020

There is the Hash run, soccer, softball, women's groups, coffee morning etc - Mar 2017

There's a new movie theater that shows films in English a few nights a week, which is quite nice. Restaurants are popular, same with night clubs. Dinner parties are nice. The embassy has monthly wine and cheese nights. CLO organizes family-friendly activities. - Aug 2015

Nightclubs, bars, restaurants, people's home. Volleyball, yoga, tennis, golf. - Jun 2009

Single people spend a lot of their time going to restaurants, bars, and clubs in Zone 4. There are a decent number of places to choose from, though nothing rivaling the scene in bigger cities in more modern places. Many people entertain in their homes and host parties, barbecues, happy hours, or other themed events. Cheap household help and large houses make entertaining at home an easy and fun alternative. - Jan 2009

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