Abidjan - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Some taxis are safe, but you have to negotiate ahead and insist that they don't pick anyone else up along the way. There are city buses that are fine, if you can figure out the schedule. Best to have your own vehicle. - Mar 2021

Taxis are safish...but they are dirty and drive fast. I hear Uber was nearly here but then Covid. No trains to my knowledge and buses are not likely safe but I am no longer in Peace Corps so don't know :). - May 2020

Taxis are sort of safe; U.S. Mission personnel are limited in the types of taxis they are allowed to use (woro-woros are prohibited). There are ride-hailing services available, however during peak hours they are quite difficult to get, and the drivers do not know how to use GPS to find the riders. Otherwise, public transportation is NOT safe. - Feb 2020

Not advised for safety reasons. - Mar 2017

Shared public transport is probably quite uncomfortable, and you might have your pockets picked. The orange individual taxis are "safer," although their drivers tend to be maniacs and they lack seat belts in the back seats. But it's a way to get around, since they're everywhere. Always negotiate the price before getting in; their meters are usually rigged. - Aug 2015

Do not take them. Many are unsafe. Shared taxis open you up to robbery attempts. You can, if you have to, take a private taxi but then you can be pulled over by the police at a check point and be forced to pay a bribe. Stick to your dip-plate vehicle. - Jun 2009

The Embassy does not recommend taking public transport in general. Orange cabs can be used in a pinch and are not super expensive. - Jan 2009

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