Abidjan - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. - Mar 2021

YES! there are no sidewalks in many places. and nothing is anywhere close to ADA compliant! - May 2020

Yes. - Feb 2020

Yes. There is not much in the way of ADA guidelines. - Mar 2017

Yeah, it'd be pretty rough. - Aug 2015

Well, all of the embassy's handicapped door buttons were disabled because they were detriments to security. So, someone in a wheel chair or with a cane would have great difficulty just getting in and out through the heavy main doors. Sidewalks are rare in Abidjan, and they (and the streets) are usually in terrible repair. Every single house I have been in has stairs. - Jun 2009

There are almost no sidewalks. Those that exist are broken and uneven and often used by cars as an additional "lane." The few high rise buildings have teeny tiny elevators or stairs. The embassy is wheelchair accessible, though most government buildings and stores are not. - Jan 2009

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