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Hardship light/hidden gem still stands true but this is not EUR proper by any means...neither culturally or geographically nor European standards of living. So that 20% hardship diff is appropriate but then there are times where you are quite pleasantly surprised at what random things do work well - Sep 2023

It's not a terrible post, but it's not an exciting post either. There's not much to write home about, and life can get pretty mundane. You'll definitely need your vacations once or twice a year. - Aug 2023

Baku is a great Post. Overall, morale is pretty high. - Jan 2019

If you had asked me a few months ago about this post, I would say that it was the dream post. So, it's an ever changing environment with people moving in and out every few months. - Mar 2017

This is a good, fairly quiet post for those who are looking for one. The embassy and expat community are very close and sociable with lots of opportunity to make friends. The housing is also very generous. We've had a great time so far. - Jan 2013

Because of Eurovision, this city has turned upside down. The first 6 month's being here is not what it is like now. The driving is horrendous. Most people don't want to leave their home because of it. All roads--I mean ALL roads--are being constructed on and there is no such a thing as detour. I hope once this is all said and down for 2012 hopefully the roads and driving are more manageable! Otherwise it's best to live downtown and walk wherever you need to go. - Dec 2011

Be prepared to be gawked at if you are a blonde woman. The men will readily stare at you and try to hit on you. They seem harmless enough but it can get frustrating. Clothes cost a fortune here so stock up. You can find stuff if in a pinch but be warned that it will probably fall apart within a few months of purchasing. Also, the water is very hard here so your clothes tend to wear out faster. - Nov 2008

There are good and bad points to every country. Baku is a small city and once you've seen it you've seen it. You have to amke your own fun here. - Sep 2008

Your life here will be what you make of it, but everyone can have a great time. I would recommend a good mix of work friends, expat friends and local friends to keep things interesting. - Sep 2008

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