Baku - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the air quality like at post (good/moderate/bad)? Are there seasonal air quality issues? Does the air quality have an impact on health?

Baku is a windy city so that keeps the air fairly fresh. There have been some summer days where the air is thick with dust, but generally it's fine. - Jun 2021

Usually the air is pretty good. We sometimes get dust storms from the quarry or Turkmenistan, but usually its not bad. - Jan 2019

The air quality is okay. It’s a big city with lots of older cars driving around, a little bit of sand in the air as it doesn’t rain too often, and the smell of oil from the Caspian Sea sometimes lingers in the air, so of course, the air is not as clean as in some countries or outside in the countryside, but we never had any issues. There was never a day when the air was too polluted to go outside. - Jul 2018

Air seems great to me. I love the beautiful, clear blue skies in summer. - May 2018

I would say moderate to bad. It's an oil economy, so there's a lot of pollution in the air from that. It's also a very windy city, so we get dust and sand in the air. I did have problems my first spring here with my contact lenses, but I switched to a stronger cleaner and it hasn't bothered me since. - Mar 2017

Poor - people with no history of asthma or allergies develop them quickly here. Mold is pervasive and cannot be avoided. There is no longer the lingering smell of oil in the air constantly but the air is really bad quite often with smog. - Jul 2015

I've heard that the air quality is bad, but compared to our previous post (Cairo), it's not so bad. However, it's not something I'm sensitive to, so I haven't taken much note. - Jan 2013

Any child with Asthma or severe allergies shouldn't come here. Air quality here is atrocious. The oil here is always evident by smell and you can see it in the air. It comes from all the exhausts from the Lada's and buses. Don't drive with the windows down in the car! There is never a time that your clothes and your hair are not drenched like gas or oil smell! YUCK. - Dec 2011

Very unhealthy. - Sep 2010

It is considered bad, and one family recently curtailed because of asthma problems from the dust here. - Aug 2010

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