Baku - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

We've had good connection apart from last year during the war with Armenia when the government restricted bandwidth. I think our connection is 50 mbps, but honestly I can't remember. We pay around $100 per month and can stream movies with no issues or lag time. I think installation took a day or two to get scheduled, but it was so long ago that I can't remember. - Jun 2021

Internet is pretty good. Often your social sponsor can help get you internet before you arrive, but it typically takes two weeks, so ask early or wait. - Jan 2019

Internet is not super fast, but we have not had many problems streaming videos. Internet bills vary from 20-80 AZN, depending on your housing and speeds you want. - Jul 2018

Internet speed isn't lightning fast, but I am able to do my web-browsing and video-streaming with low levels of frustration. My organization set-up my internet before my arrival. - May 2018

Our internet was installed before we arrived. We don't pay, it's part of the deal with the rent of the house. I think others do pay about $20/month. I'd say it's great about 80% of the time. We stream videos and music, download books and haven't had really any problems. - Mar 2017

Yes-US$30-75 per month. - Jul 2015

Yes, DSL at most houses, and cable in Grand Park. We haven't paid a bill yet (after a year), but I've heard it runs around US$40-50 a month. - Jan 2013

Varies w/ companies. Not terribly costly. - Dec 2011

Yes - cost depends on what provider you choose. Also, they are always running specials (pay for 4 months, get 5 free). - Sep 2010

Varies. Between $12-30 month, but not reliable or fast. - Aug 2010

Available and pretty reliable. Depending on the plan you choose, could be anywhere from $40-$120. - Oct 2009

Yes. about US$160 for unlimited a month. - Nov 2008

DSL/Wireless internet is available for around 60 manat per month - Sep 2008

Yes, lots of options from dial-up to high-speed. - Sep 2008

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