Baku - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

I don't think it's a good city for people to be openly LGBT. There have been government crackdowns on the community. Even though it is "Muslim Light" here, it definitely isn't a liberal place. There have been LGBT members of the Embassy that have done fine here, but just remember that it isn't Western Europe. - Jun 2021

It's not a thing here, according to locals. No one is gay. However, the local societal norms have male friends linking arms and occasionally giving kisses. The same goes for females who walk linked arms, so some things blend. - Jan 2019

Yes and no. I think culturally, it is not really accepted, but it’s not as bad as in some other countries. I think people who are LGBT expats just don’t show in public, but I can see that you can probably find other people in the community. - Jul 2018

Many Azerbaijanis are not accepting of LGBT people. I even had someone express surprise that I would be friends with a gay person, since he felt that was unacceptable. I think most gay people in Azerbaijan remain in the closet and it would be hard to be out in Azerbaijan. - May 2018

Not horrible, but not widely accepted outside the expat community. - Mar 2017

Not so much. - Jul 2015

I haven't heard either way, but as it is 98% (secular) Muslim, I wouldn't imagine there would be much in the open. - Jan 2013

Absolutely not -- this is a Muslim country! - Dec 2011

I don't see why not. - Oct 2009

No. - Nov 2008

Unsure. - Sep 2008

No one is openly gay in Azerbaijan, but there does seem to be a small underground scene with at least one or two clubs around town on certain nights. - Sep 2008

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