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Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Yes, through the schools. - Sep 2023

The schools offer some sports activities/teams, and there are other options outside of the schools like Judo, Jiu Jitzu, Kick boxing, swimming, and more. - Aug 2023

I coached football/soccer for a few years until Covid hit. My daughter did gymastics and my son did Judo and rugby. Azerbaijan is known for wrestling and judo, so you can actually get a former olympic athlete to teach your kids for quite cheap. My kids also did horse riding lessons, which are also cheap. There are so many options here that you could have them in classes every day of the week. - Jun 2021

There are some, but most are done through school. - Jan 2019

Most kids join after-school clubs that are offered at the international schools. Violin and piano classes are cheap. We paid around 20 AZN for a full hour. There are more and more activities for kids offered at various restaurants like making pizza, chocolate pralines, art, cupcake decorating, etc. - Jul 2018

Yes, most are done within the school, unless you're willing to have a non-English teacher. - Mar 2017

Some after-school programs but not many. - Jul 2015

Yes, mostly through the schools. A karate class meets in the clubhouse in our neighborhood. - Jan 2013

Not sure. - Dec 2011

At the schools, yes. - Sep 2010

Through the schools and during the school year only. - Aug 2010

Yes, soccer, basketball and a few others I believe. - Oct 2009

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