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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Hotel gym. - Sep 2023

There are a lot of gyms here and they cost about the same as you would pay back in the U.S. but their standards of clean and gym etiquette is very poor in my opinion. Another important thing to note about the gyms here are their operating hours. The gym we go to opens at 0700 and closes at 2300, but I’ve heard of other gyms opening at 1000 and closing at 2000-2100, and there are no gyms here are 24 hours. - Aug 2023

There are gyms around. The cost is similar to the U.S. I believe, but the facilities are definitely not up to the same standards. The hours of operation are also not work-friendly hours, generally opened from 10:00-18:00, or something silly like that. - Aug 2023

The Landmark gym is decent. The Port Baku gym is expensive but has more equipment/modern and more spacious. Running is possible by the Caspian but there aren't any softer surfaces to run on/trails. Hiking can be an issue in general here as there aren't many organized hiking paths. - Jun 2023

I've been fortunate because there is a great gym and pool at the Landmark Hotel that is available for Embassy staff use. And it's free!!! There may be a small workout room at the Chancery inside a container or something, but honestly I've never been bothered because the Landmark gym is so amazing. My boss decided he needed an even fancier gym so he got a membership at Port Baku, which has state of the art equipment and squash courts. You pay for it though. - Jun 2021

Gyms are pricey here, but pretty good quality. Most people go to the international hotels (Hyatt, Marriott) or a very modern facility (The Club at Port Baku). All direct hire employees currently get access to the Landmark Hotel's gym free of charge too, which is great. - Jan 2019

No idea on this, but the previous post report has more information on this topic. - Jul 2018

Several hotels and Port Baku have nice gyms with quality equipment and pools. I'm a little hazy on the cost, but I believe they are over $1200 for a year. If you don't need all the bells and whistles, there are "local" gyms everywhere, which generally focus on weightlifting and have fewer cardio machines or other amenities. My local gym costs 35 AZN per month. There are also many community sports groups - Hash House Harrier runners/walkers, soccer, Ultimate frisbee, volleyball, etc. Some of the apartment buildings also have small gyms. - May 2018

We have a gym inside our compound. It's about $1200/year for the family. There are other places around town and most are about the same. There's a "Boardwalk" next to the Caspian Sea that is nice to run on as long as it hasn't rained...made of marble tile. There's also an old 2015 European Games dirt bike course that we've used to trail run. Our DOD organized the Marine Corp Marathon last year, so it has been an active post for running. There is a cycling group and a few people cycle independently on the outskirts of town since traffic can be heavy and unpredictable. - Mar 2017

Yes for about US$1,000 per year per person. - Jul 2015

Yes, but I've heard they are all quite expensive (more than US$1000 a year per person). - Jan 2013

Yes, they're in most large hotels and few stand-alone gyms. They are insanely expensive. The year membership ranges from $1,200 to 1,900 USD. There is only one place that I highly recommend for the line of workout equipment, which is top of the line, however, that is the most expensive gym membership ($1,900). Due to the cost, this is the first time I've not used a gym. - Dec 2011

Yes. The Hyatt has a gym and many embassy families and singles are members. It is expensive, but you get the VAT back and they offer various Embassy and corporate discounts bringing it roughly in line with what you would pay in the US for a gym. (Of course, the gym there isnt that nice....). I've seen older teenagers use the facilities. - Sep 2010

Yes, but they are prohibitively expensive. The Hyatt hotel has a pool and a gym. But it costs approximately $1000 per person per year, and teens are not allowed to use gym. - Aug 2010

Yes but very expensive. The embassy says that they have one, but it's pretty sad. - Oct 2009

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