Baku - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

The mud volcanoes are only 30-45 minutes outside Baku. There are some beach resorts you can spend a day at on the northern side of the penninsula. We hiked Baku's tears, which is a mountain just to the southwest of Baku. I'm sure there's a real trail there, but we just followed the goats path. Absheron penninsula national part. The Ashtega fire temple. Getting lost in the tiny alleys of Old City. The winter market at Fountain Square. Walking and bike riding along the boulevard. Dodging all the Azerbaijanis taking selfies during the Baku half marathon. - Jun 2021

I love strolling through the Old City. Its not a 'hidden gem', but its fun. - Jan 2019

We really like just walking around Baku’s downtown and old town and the Bulvar along the Caspian Sea. We love the interesting mix between Muslim, Soviet and European influences on architecture, music, food and culture. We enjoyed going skiing in Shahdag several times (about 3 hours away by car) for very affordable prices. We have driven to Georgia (mainly Tbilisi) a few times, and stopped in several interesting Azerbaijani cities along the way. Gobustan and the mud volcanoes are fun to visit, too. There are also a few beach clubs at the Caspian Sea that are decent. Wizz Air offers cheap direct flights to Budapest, so we went there a few times. - Jul 2018

Baku and Azerbaijan has a lot to offer if you can keep an open mind and low expectations and approach activities with a sense of adventure rather then expecting a perfectly-laid out experience. Weekend trips into the Caucasus mountains offer a variety of scenic drives. As a small city and country, I don't think there are a lot of hidden gems, because you end up hearing about all the options of things to do. I would highly recommend what I call the "Caspian Cruise," which is a 30-minute out-and-back boat ride into the Caspian Sea for under 10 AZN. I also really love the view from Martyr's Alley. - May 2018

There are towns in the outer regions that are interesting. Sheki was a fun trip. My husband has taken my oldest to the ski resort a couple times. Tbilisi is about 5 hours drive or a cheap flight away. Dubai is a cheap flight to get some sun in the winter months. - Mar 2017

Museums, traveling to other areas of the country, camping. - Jul 2015

There are various small villages and towns to go to in the mountains (in the summer). We've enjoyed swimming at the beach. There are various small natural sights - burning hillsides, mud volcanoes, petroglyphs - and small cultural sights. A ski resort opened this winter. The bulvar is pleasant to stroll along in the spring and fall, and the old city is quaint. - Jan 2013

Not much. Unless you're into seeing a ton of museums. - Dec 2011

Mud volcanoes, Old City carpet shopping, entertaining in homes, going to restaurants. There is a new mall that opened with a play area for children and Baskin Robbins (!). Overall, you need to be willing to make your own fun. - Sep 2010

Very little. Visit one or two museums, the walled city, the fire temple. - Aug 2010

Lots especially if you get out of the city. Mud volcanos, fire temple, old city, candy cane mountains and lots of places to go camping and hiking. - Oct 2009

There are some interesting places to see but mostly you keep occupied with playgroups and embassy functions. Not a lot to do in and around the city. - Nov 2008

There are a few museums in Baku. Since the expat community is so large here you can almost always find someone with a common interst. - Sep 2008

Camping in the Caucaus mountains and other nature adventures outside Baku. Visiting some small towns like Sheki or Lenkoran. Get to know the locals and visit family homes in the villages. Go to weddings, funerals and other cultural events. In Baku, going to dinner or for drinks with friends. - Sep 2008

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