Baku - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Be careful about attracting ants. - Sep 2023

Mosquitos are a pest, and sometimes ants. Otherwise, we haven't been bothered by any other insects. - Aug 2023

No - Jun 2023

Some ants and mosquitoes, but, again, it's not Africa so the issues here are not significant. Every spring we have baby snakes that pop out near our house. The cats and foxes usually get them quick though. - Jun 2021

Some people have had mosquitoes and many have small ants, but nothing has been too terrible. One housing complex currently has a mouse issue, but the complex management is working to try to solve that. - Jan 2019

We live in an apartment building and never had any kind of problem with insects, but some of the houses have problems with ants or other insects, but nothing out of the normal. - Jul 2018

None that I'm aware of. Had ants a few times. - May 2018

We had a small problem with tiny little ants, but they were easily wiped out. There's a holiday during which the locals sacrifice lambs and tons of lambs are brought in for slaughter from the country farms. I noticed a huge increase in house flies during that time. We also have mosquitos. I recommend using the nets when you sleep at night. - Mar 2017

There are flying ants in the houses often, and some mice, but overall controllable and/or seasonal. - Jul 2015

No unusual ones that I've come across. There are some mosquitoes in the summer, but they aren't very bad. - Jan 2013

Didn't notice any problems here. - Dec 2011

Some fleas due to stray dogs. - Sep 2010

None - Oct 2009

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