Baku - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Four seasons-ish but pretty hot and dry in summer. windy in fall, little to no snow in winter unless you go up to mountains. - Sep 2023

WIND. There is wind every single day. This slightly helps with the heat during summer months, but is bone-chilling in the winter months. Spring/Fall are very short lived, while summers are HOT and winters are COLD. - Aug 2023

It's kind of extreme. Winter tends to be cold - not much snow, but the wind chill can be an issue. Summer is brutally hot. Spring and fall are very short. - Jun 2023

It's been my first post with actual seasons so that's been nice. My favorite months of the year are May and October. Make sure you get out of Baku to enjoy the countryside then. Summers can get up to 100+ and are super dry, but typically the crazy heat is only a few days at a time. It's snowed once in the four years we've been here. - Jun 2021

The climate is pretty good. Its chilly in the winter, but so far has been in the 40s most of the time. Hot in the summer. - Jan 2019

No extreme weather. Baku has four seasons, but the spring and fall always felt pretty short. It does not rain too often and never very long, which is great, but it can get quite windy a few days a month.

We have had snow the first winter we were here, but didn’t have any during our second winter. - Jul 2018

Baku has four seasons. Summer is from about May to September and is hot (30s C/90s F) and humid. Winter lasts about 3 months from December to February. It rarely goes below freezing and rarely snows in Baku. Autumn and spring are beautiful. It rains periodically throughout the year, with less rain in the summer. Baku gets amazingly strong wind periodically at all times of the year...which can make a windy winter day absolutely miserable. - May 2018

There are four seasons here. It gets pretty warm during the summer. There are great water slide parks within an hour from the city. The fall can be rainy and gloomy, but we do get some snow and there is a ski resort within a few hours drive. - Mar 2017

Like Washington DC but a little milder. Snows once a year, hot humid summers - Jul 2015

The weather is very pleasant. The winter is not too long, with the weather very rarely going below freezing. The fall and spring are quite long, with summer only being hot (over ninety degrees F) for six to eight weeks. There is always a breeze, which is nice in the summer and not nice in the winter. - Jan 2013

Winters are anywhere from the 20's to 50's from October to March or so. Spring is still on the cool side. Summer is hot and humid. I mean really humid. You need AC in your car and house/apt! July and August are the warmest months. I say early fall is the best. I like September the best as far as climate goes! - Dec 2011

Hot summers, cold winters. Strong wind. - Sep 2010

Goes from very hot to very cold. Wind like you would not believe. House-rattling, car-rocking wind. - Aug 2010

Similar to DC but not as hot in the summer. - Oct 2009

They have four seasons: summer is very hot but not too humid. - Nov 2008

Hot in the summer when the wind isn't blowing. Tolerable when it does blow. Cool and rainy some days in the fall. - Sep 2008

Hot summers, colder winters (comparable to DC). Baku is also a winding city, which helps in the summer, but can get annoying when the pollution really starts to fly (and when you have to wash your car every 3 days). - Sep 2008

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