Baku - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Yes, people buy carpets and many other handicrafts. Lots of interesting stuff! - Jun 2021

You may leave Baku with several (or lots of) carpets. They sell locally made ones and imported. People tend to buy a few because they are significantly cheaper than anything you'd pay in the States. - Jan 2019

Many people buy carpets. We love the art here and have bought several beautiful paintings for decent prices. Azerbaijanis like to use nice and bright colors in their arts. Some people like buying copper bowls and plates, which are mainly made in a little village up in the mountains called Lahic. Sheki Silk is popular, as are scarves and Turkish bowls and plates. And anything with pomegranates on it. Azerbaijanis loooove their pomegranates. - Jul 2018

Carpets are the primary item to buy. Otherwise, Azerbaijan has not yet figured out how to make and market their unique cultural heritage into a thriving handicraft industry. Many souvenir shops "specialize" in lame Made in China trinkets with Baku in big letters. I can and have found interesting items, but you have to dig through the commercial junk to find it. - May 2018

If you're into carpets and stained glass, and silk, then yes. - Mar 2017

Carpets. - Jul 2015

Lovely hand-made rugs, including authentic Persians from Persia, copper vessels. - Jan 2013

Rugs and pashminas. - Dec 2011

Carpets. You can find good carpets here. You have to know how to bargain though. - Sep 2010

Rugs, wood carvings, copper. - Aug 2010

Carpets! - Oct 2009

Carpets. - Nov 2008

Carpets, pashmina scarves. - Sep 2008

Rugs, copper, trips. - Sep 2008

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