Baku - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

turn signals. - Sep 2023

Leave behind any notions you may correlate with other European countries. Those do NOT apply here. - Aug 2023

Smile. - Jun 2023

desire to only serve in Western Europe. No, it's not Paris or London, but it is a fabulous post if you open your mind. - Jun 2021

Leave behind your sense of rules on the road. Traffic is terrible and people do their own thing. Its common to see cars just decide to drive down the wrong side of the road so they can get somewhere faster. - Jan 2019

Driving rules. We like to say that in other countries you drive to not hit others but here you drive to not be constantly hit. - Jul 2018

Desire for tasteful interiors. Your house is likely to have outlandish chandeliers and/or wallpaper! - May 2018

Logic and common sense. - Mar 2017

Expectations for clean air and water, consistent utilities, nice neighborhoods. - Jul 2015

fast sports cars, first-world expectations, need for bacon, and sweatpants. - Jan 2013

Bicycles, running shoes, love of movies, shorts and tank-tops, your 'nice' car, rollerblades, skateboard, high-heel shoes (you will break your ankle for sure on this uneven pavement), and 110 volt appliances. - Dec 2011

Idea that this is Northern Virginia. It is not. - Sep 2010

bicycles, running shoes, love of movies, expectation of bargain rugs. - Aug 2010

sense of order and your antique car. - Oct 2009

Rollerblades, skateboards. - Nov 2008

High heel shoes (you will break your ankle for sure on this uneven pavement). - Sep 2008

Shorts and bad attitude. - Sep 2008

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