Baku - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

No real health concerns. It can get dusty in the summer and you might be affected by seasonal allergies. Medical care is decent. There's a fancy Turkish hospital that you can go to for an MRI if you need one. My wife destroyed her knee and they Medevaced her to London. I'm not sure where the line is between evac and local care though. - Jun 2021

There aren't local vaccines for many things, so please vaccinate yourself and your children. - Jan 2019

We haven’t had any issues here. It’s a big city, so of course, the air is not as clean as it is in the countryside, but it hasn’t affected us. Medical care is not the greatest, so most people are medivaced for anything more serious. Dental care is okay, but not great. Health Unit sends most people to WorldMed, but I would not recommend them anymore.

I like the Dr. Smiles Boutique a lot better, although her practice does not look as impressive as WorldMed does, but I find the services better there. She also seems a lot more honest. Dr. Latafet Aliyeva got her degree in the US and was a dentist there for many years, so she is very familiar with American standards. - Jul 2018

I have had no health issues in Baku. The healthcare system isn't great, so medivacs are frequent for serious issues. I've gone to a good, inexpensive dentist called WorldMed. - May 2018

I have noticed that a lot of cases are medically evacuated to London. We are fortunate to have a full-time nurse practitioner and an American doctor and local nurse in the embassy health unit. X-rays and MRIs are cheap. Medicine is cheap and easy to get. - Mar 2017

The air quality is bad, I have found used hypodermic needles on the ground, trash is everywhere, trash is burned regularly in the streets, chickens and chicken waste abound, people do not go barefoot outside and do not wear shoes inside. Medical care is adequate for minor issues only and anything major is med-evac'd. - Jul 2015

Perhaps if someone is sensitive to air pollution, it might present a problem. The medical care here is abysmal, as most doctors have bought their degrees. There is basic care, and an English-speaking clinic, but anything beyond that is sent to somewhere with better care (London, Dubai). - Jan 2013

Medical Care: Skim to none. The Med Unit at the Embassy and SOS International. Hospitals not up to US standards. Depending on what the medical need is -- most time you get Medevaced out of here to another country. Air is a huge problem so there are a lot of respiratory problems here. A close tie to Respiratory issues is gastrointestinal problems. Salmonella poisoning, food poisoning, diarrhea, high fat/oil used in food in restaurants here-stomach upset. Be sure to bring Maalox, GasX, Pepto Bismol! - Dec 2011

Medical care is very poor. - Sep 2010

I have heard too many nightmares: misdiagnosed strep, botched root canal. Plus multiple medevacs. - Aug 2010

The embassy has a full-time nurse on staff, and she is very helpful/knowledgeable. There is also an SOS clinic that has western-trained doctors. - Oct 2009

Do not come here if you have asthma. It is not a good place for people with bad asthma problems and you will have problems with allergies too. It's very dusty here. - Nov 2008

Embassy health unit staffed with a nurse and nurse practitioner. SOS clinic for whatever the health unit can't handle and emergencies. Ok care however I wouldn't let them do any invasive procedure other than draw blood. - Sep 2008

Pollution, stomach issues, tb. I would only go to the international clinics and even then you're rolling the dice. Local clinics are in a sorry state as is the training of many of the local doctors. - Sep 2008

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