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What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Business casual. Formal at only at the Marine ball. - Sep 2023

Work: Business attire. Public: conservative. Local ladies will dress to the nines everyday. Formal is only needed if attending a local wedding or an expat ball/gala/event. - Aug 2023

Azerbaijanis are very formal - particularly women, who tend to dress up to work. - Jun 2023

Depends on where you work. State staff at the Chancery tend to dress very formally. I've gotten away with khakis and polos working at the Annex (shorts and t-shirt during Covid). - Jun 2021

It really depends on your job. Suit and tie for some (Pol/Econ), more business casual for other sections. Formal dress for the various Balls throughout the year (and there are quite a few because of the Brits). - Jan 2019

Depending on the section, it will be business or business casual. Azeris like to dress well in public. You never really see people in sweat pants, with crazy hairstyles or colors, lots of tattoos or piercings as they are still frowned upon. People always look very neatly dressed and styled. Women wear a lot more skirts and dresses here than in the US. I would bring a few formal dresses with you for Azerbaijani weddings, the Marine ball, and other expat balls. - Jul 2018

Azeris dress well. Guys won't even go to the gym in their gym clothes - they will wear street clothes and change at the gym. Women are always well-coifed, from their high heels to perfectly-arranged hair. I often felt like a slob in comparison and stepped up my wardrobe game and began ironing a lot more. Although miniskirts are entirely acceptable (the shorter the better it seemed), women don't wear shorts much at all, so I didn't either. Shorts are slowly becoming more common on men, although it's more of the foreigners than the locals wearing them. There are various balls to go including the UK, US, Irish, and Scottish. Formal wear would come in handy for those occasions, although it's never required. - May 2018

Most wear suits or business attire at the embassy. There are several balls that you would benefit from having a dress/tuxedo for. Most locals wear a lot of black. It is a Muslim country, but very relaxed in the attire. - Mar 2017

Business suits at work, casual outside of work. Shorts are not common on men or women. - Jul 2015

Women here dress up whenever they are in public, wearing four-inch stilettos even in the snow. Men also dress well; it's uncommon to see anyone over 25 in jeans. Shorts are seen as indecent. - Jan 2013

Work: Casual/Formal-depending on what department. Public: Men-NO shorts! Women: conservative and also no shorts. Capri's are fine. I would not wear anything revealing because all eyes will be on you! - Dec 2011

Shirt and tie at work, depending on your job. It is not an overly formal society in terms of dress. People dont wear shorts here. - Sep 2010

Fairly formal. - Aug 2010

Very formal..The locals wear suits for construction jobs! - Oct 2009

Business attire at the Embassy. Out in public anything really. Men don"t wear shorts but the American men do. Women don"t really wear shorts either. - Nov 2008

Even though this is a muslim country you very rarely see women fully covered. Business casual is appropriate in most settings. - Sep 2008

Business or formal dress for work or events. More laid back on weekends, although shorts are never acceptable - for men or women (maybe for kids). Most men wear suits and lots of women wear dresses or skirts. - Sep 2008

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