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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Affordable but hard to find someone willing to do it all (both cleaning and nanny work). or both cleaning and cooking. Locals like to specialize but still be full time or at least paid full time. 10AZN/hr is standard with most helpers also expecting "transportation pay" as well as a one month bonus when you depart post and to also to be paid for weeks you are away from post. You are looking at $800-900/month for full-time but can probably pay much less if you just do a part time cleaner or part time nanny just for the hours you actually need. There are more people looking than there are jobs so maybe go outside the expat bubble, and you will find better and/or more affordable help on the local market. Drivers can be anywhere from $500-$800 monthly for full time depending how much you use them and if they are covering gas, using their car or not etc. Stonepay residents seem to have more of a need for drivers than Izmir or apartment dwellers. - Sep 2023

Maid services, cooks, and drivers are very affordable here in the Baku. - Aug 2023

availability is wide; cost is affordable; quality is hit or miss. Most people with kids have a nanny. Several people hire a housekeeper and/or a driver, because driving here will make you crazy. Some people hire a part-time cook, as well. - Aug 2023

Good availability and decent cost. - Jun 2023

We've employed a nanny/housekeeper and pay about 1200 manat a month (it's 1.7 manat to the dollar). So, compared to other parts of the world it may cost more, but it has been totally worth it to ensure that our kids have after school care and our laundry gets done. We've been really impressed with the quality of local staff here. Some people hire multiple staff - nannys, drivers, gardeners - but we really haven't needed all those people. They are available if you need them though. - Jun 2021

Cheap and readily available. Locals love children, so nannies are easy to come by and adore your kids. People also often employ housekeepers/cooks. Make sure you train your staff, but other than that, you are good to go. I know several people have drivers, especially for bringing kids to school. - Jan 2019

Household help is good and affordable here. Most of them are from Azerbaijan and are live-out. Expats usually pay between 7-10 AZN per hour. Two days off/week is the norm here.

It seems many families with school kids have a driver. Not sure how much they pay them monthly. - Jul 2018

Most households have a part-time housekeeper. Those with kids generally have a nanny and usually a driver also. Baku has seen a steady stream of expats leaving as the economy has declined and NGOs have shuttered. Therefore, plenty of household helpers are looking for jobs. You can expect to pay in the range of 5-10 AZN per hour. - May 2018

I have a part-time nanny who cleans, does laundry and dishes and takes care of my two youngest children. I think a full time house helper/nanny/cook is about $650/month USD. We had a driver to start out, before our car arrived and we paid about $500/month. The quality of work is hit or miss and I've often felt like I'm constantly being asked for more money. - Mar 2017

US$800-1,000 per month for full time. - Jul 2015

It is very available; local women will come up to you and ask if you're looking. Good help, however, is usually best found in the expat community. The going price is between $5-$6.25 an hour. Most helpers in the expat community speak some English and will do a variety of tasks. However, if you like things done a certain way you have to be repeatedly specific. - Jan 2013

It is highly, highly, recommended for spouses to get a personal driver, either part-time or full-time. More than 90% of families have them. PT: $ 300-400 manats (USD$380-500). FT: $ 500-600 (US$630-760). Also, a nanny or housekeeper is recommended. PT: $ 300 manats. (not sure for FT). Houses are quite large and very laborious work to clean, since it's so windy and dusty! - Dec 2011

Available and not too expensive. Quality is not great. - Sep 2010

Cheap; $30-35 a day, but rarely English-speaking. - Aug 2010

A full-time nanny/housekeeper costs about $500/month. - Oct 2009

Readily available. A full-time nanny/housekeeper will run about US$600 a month; same for a full-time driver. - Nov 2008

We pay 3 manat per hour for our housekeeper who works 12 hours per week. - Sep 2008

Available, but I would recommend getting a good recommendation from someone. It's pretty cheap (15 manat for about 3 hours - around US$18), but quality can vary. - Sep 2008

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