Baku - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

YUP! - Sep 2023

Yes! People with physical disabilities will have a difficult time living in Baku. The side walks have a lot of broken tiles, uneven, and there aren't any wheelchair ramps. - Aug 2023

All the difficulties. Almost ZERO building are wheel accessible, including our housing and office buildings. Sidewalks are wide but not in great shape. - Aug 2023

Can't speak much about this but I do have to say that Baku is not very ADA compliant; lack of sidewalks, paving, accessible ramps or elevators. Local attitudes do not have the kind of understanding to provide accessible spaces either. - Jun 2023

I guess it depends on the person. Some of the sidewalks can be difficult, but there is a great boulevard on the Caspian Sea that is flat. A lot of restaurants and malls have ramps and elevators. It's not fully accessible like the US, but you could definitely do worse in the Foreign Service. - Jun 2021

Don't even try. The Embassy isn't even ADA compliant. The sidewalks are rough. - Jan 2019

Yes, very likely. Unless you're walking on the Bulvar or other downtown areas, it is difficult to even push around strollers because underpass escalators are not always turned on (with no lift nearby) and most curbs are very high and uneven. There are lots of steps, too, because Baku is a hilly city, which would make it difficult to get around in a wheel chair. They have recently made street corners accessible both by wheelchairs and strollers, but there are still many curbs that are too high. - Jul 2018

People with mobility difficulties will have trouble in Baku. The chancery has a small set of stairs at the entrance and it is the only entrance and there is no elevator or other way in besides these stairs. Beyond that, Baku's sidewalks are uneven and cracked and sometimes have stairs in them. Staircases at underpasses around town occasionally have ramps, but they are so steep I would not advise anyone in a wheelchair to use them. Sidewalks or curbs are often paved with marble/granite that turn into a slip-and-slide with the slightest bit of rain. - May 2018

Yes-bad sidewalks, no special supports for disabilities - Jul 2015

Like in any non-first-world country, they would have a hard time here. - Jan 2013

Many difficulties. The roads, drivers, and many other factors do not accommodate those who use a wheelchair or have other disabilities. - Dec 2011

Many. The city is not at all set up for someone with disabilities. - Sep 2010

Insurrmountable difficulties. The city is not at all disability-friendly. - Aug 2010

Near impossible. - Oct 2009

No smooth roads. They are all very bumpy and nothing is wheelchair accessible. it is even hard to get around w/babies and strollers. you can"t easily take strollers into any store. Most stores are either upstairs or downstairs so wheelchairs or strollers are out of the question. - Nov 2008

This is not a disability friendly city. The sidewalks and pavement are uneven, elevators are small and builidings are not well equipped with wheelchair access. - Sep 2008

Lots! No accomadations are made, including in most apartment buildings or houses. - Sep 2008

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