Baku - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Good for all except LGBT will have difficulty given local laws and sentiment. - Sep 2023

Not so much for singles. Couples can make the most of their time here. Families seem to do a little better. Azeris are very family focused people, and there just aren't many opportunities for singles to meet other singles. Couples can explore the rural areas of the country a little easier than families with little kids can. Families with school aged kids tend to live in the "suburbs" which allows for a very vibrant social life for the kids. - Aug 2023

In my experience the families have enjoyed their experience much more than the singles or young couples. There just isn't much of a vibrant cultural or public scene to get out and enjoy life as much as other countries in the region. - Jun 2023

It can be a good city for anyone. There are lots of bars and restaurants. And there's lots for families and kids to do as well. There's a singles group from TISA that gets together for hikes and other adventures. You definitely aren't limited here like in other countries. - Jun 2021

This is a great city for everyone. Families love the schools and domestic help. Couples and singles enjoy going out and meeting other expats. - Jan 2019

This city is great for everybody. Life is affordable here and more and more fun activities are offered. People especially like that it is so safe here. - Jul 2018

I think singles, couples, and families all can and do have a good time in Baku. Azeris love children, and children are out at all hours, even at midnight on the Bulvar. The local perception is that "good" Azeri women go home to their husbands or families at night, therefore a woman out at night unaccompanied by a male has loose morals. Unaccompanied ladies will get more attention, usually in the form of eye contact, rarely in the form of physical contact. There are many more Azeri males out at night, creating a heavily male gender imbalance in the nightlife scene. Therefore, many dance clubs have an entrance policy that each guy must be accompanied by a woman. Although I am not a single male, I have heard that it can be hard for men to date, because single Azeri women want to maintain the image of being a "good" girl who doesn't date around. All that being said, I find Azeri people to be incredibly friendly and interested in meeting foreigners, and Baku also has a good-sized, welcoming expat community, so any single person will easily make friends if you choose to. - May 2018

I think it would be an OK post for singles. We are a big family and I've enjoyed it. - Mar 2017

Yes-slower paced but sociable. - Jul 2015

It's a good city for families who have small children. Right now the embassy community has lots of small children. Older children might become bored because there isn't much mobility for teenagers. For those who enjoy music and theater, there's a lot to do, and also reasonable number of good restaurants. Most of the socialization is within the community, which is a very strong community. I imagine it wouldn't be very exciting for singles. - Jan 2013

Families: not much for the kids to do here. Singles: Not really. Couples: Yes. - Dec 2011

I think it genuinely depends on the person - some families with older kids have a tough time as there are very few things for them to do. If you are self-sufficient and enjoy entertaining at home - and going to other people's homes - you will be fine, regardless of marital status. - Sep 2010

It is probably best for drinking singles (there is little else to do) or people with very young children who are amused at home or at friends' houses. - Aug 2010

There are a lot of families here, so keeping small children entertained here is very easy. For the older children it can be tough. - Oct 2009

Families. - Nov 2008

Good for singles, families and couples. There are many expat social groups that you can become involved with and the embassy is really good about social events. - Sep 2008

Good for all. Plenty of expats around, so having a social network or even two isn't hard. People are generally friendly and many like to get out of town on weekends for camping or other mini adventures, especially in the summer. - Sep 2008


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