Guadalajara - Post Report Question and Answers

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People are often concerned about GDL because it is a "visa mill." But the city and the life you lead there make it all worthwhile. - Feb 2017

Guadalajara is a dream home. The weather is perfect, the people are kind, the food is amazing. The city hosts a varied culture and economic demographic and there are new adventures to have every day. The safety of the city depends greatly upon your good sense and good behavior. You will always be rewarded for trying new things and for being a good guest, doors will open. We love GDL. - Feb 2015

This is a great place for cyclists. Every Sunday the city shuts down a whole bunch of major streets to car traffic so cyclists have free reign. - Jan 2015

Guadalajara is still a great city to live in. It is not as nice as it was 5 years ago -- or even 5 months ago, but it is still very nice. The future of the city and Mexico in general depends on how well the problem with drug-related violence is handled. - Jan 2011

Guadalajara is an under-rated city. And Mexico has so much more to offer than I anticipated when we found out we were going to be posted here for two years. We have greatly enjoyed our time here. - Jun 2010

Guadalajara is an AMAZING city. The weather's great, there's tons to see and do, and the weekend trips are great. - Feb 2008

Its a great city and I would recommend it to anyone. Don't expect it to be the Mexico of 30 years ago as Guadalajara is a large metropolitan city. It is very modern and very expensive but easy living. - Jan 2008


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