Guadalajara - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Yes, we've had a few security issues, including parts of the car being robbed while parked at night. - Aug 2023

There have been several security incidents in Guadalajara including several shootings in public places in the last year. It has not impacted our daily lives, but it does give us pause on occasion. - Jan 2023

There are some risks of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting involved in Narco violence, but, in general I feel safe. If you use common sense and aren't out at crazy hours, it is fine. - Aug 2018

Like any big city, you have to watch out and not be stupid. There seems to have been an uptick in crime recently. An officer was also recently shot, but that was seemingly an anomaly. - Feb 2017

Yes, Mexico is known for especially violent 'cartel' behavior and crime but in general, if you use good common sense, don't flaunt wealth and don't make yourself a target, you will find that Guadalajara is a very safe place to live. It's very important to be compliant to robbers who feel that it's easier to shoot than argue about you handing over your gems, but it's not a common occurrence and the vast majority of people you will encounter are gracious, loving, and warm... EXCEPT while driving. Then yes, put on your game face if you drive here because even the locals agree, the driving is TERRIBLE. If you're a fan of driving laws and good behavior and following the rules while driving, you will be surprised at how little those things are used here. The Minerva Glorietta (roundabout) is a madhouse when busy, and it's not uncommon to see drivers drift into other lanes, cut people off, or cut across three lanes of traffic to pull a U turn. - Feb 2015

There is crime, but it mostly falls into the categories of 1) what you'd find in any major city, and 2) targeted. I haven't felt unsafe. - Jan 2015

There are some states we avoid but generally we feel very safe here. - Oct 2014

Yes, as in the rest of Mexico, violence is a real issue. In our year, we did drive by a few dead bodies which I do not consider normal. Still, it was only three times. My children saw a couple of these and thankfully the bodies had already been covered. - May 2014

We had no issues; we live in a gated community. - Apr 2014

There are restrictions about where we can drive, which can be onerous. There can be car-jackings, and there is petty crime like in any city. - Jun 2013

Many. Security concerns range from pick-pocketing to narco-violence. The US Dept. of State has listed a number of travel warnings. - Jan 2012

Narco violence has increased in the city, but most incidents occur after midnight. The State Dept. has issued travel warnings to discourage any travel after dark outside the city or near the airport, because of past narco-blockades on highways. - Jan 2011

The drug violence in Mexico is increasing, so it's important to be aware of security measures. Guadalajara has been fairly insulated to this point, and we have felt very safe here. But it's getting more dangerous to drive outside this region and to the north, especially. - Jun 2010

It's a low-threat, low-crime post but you should take the typical precautions for any big city. I still feel more comfortable here than in several large U.S. cities. - Feb 2008

Medium. - Jan 2008

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