Guadalajara - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

There are flights to many U.S. cities, though the times are often inconvenient and you must use a low-cost Mexican carrier for many routes, which are often unreliable. - Aug 2023

Home country is US and there are tons of direct flights. US carriers fly to southern hubs (Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta) and Mexican carriers (primarily low cost Volaris) fly direct to probably two dozen cities. Many flights leave early am from GDL - especially the US carriers. Getting to/from Washington DC is more difficult than many other places in the US, often taking a full day of travel. - Jan 2023

Salt Lake City, Utah. 3.5 hours direct flight. - Aug 2018

DC. It's a pretty straightforward flight with a stop over in Atlanta, Houston, or Dallas. Quite inexpensive, too - Feb 2017

Home base is Oregon. We expect the flight to take most of the day with layovers in DFW, LAX, or Arizona. There are direct flights with local airline Volaris but the hours are all red-eye and the days are sporadic. - Feb 2015

Washington, DC -- about 8 hours via a bunch of different cities, but no direct flights. - Jan 2015

It takes less than three hours to fly from Guadalajara to southern U.S. states. Generally, you need to connect through Arizona or Texas to get to the rest of the U.S. but there are many direct flights too. - Oct 2014

We live and work overseas so we don't really have a home base in the U.S. - May 2014

DC, 7 hours with a lay-over in Houston. - Apr 2014

New York. Guadalajara always requires a stopover either in Mexico City, Miami or in Texas, so it's a minimum 7 hours of flying time due to stopovers. - Jun 2013

Chicago, IL. There are direct flights but most flights connect through Dallas or Houston. Direct flights are about five hours and connections can vary. - Jan 2012

Anderson, South Carolina; We fly from Guadalajara to Atlanta (4 hours) to connect (1 hour) to Greenville, South Carolina. - Jan 2011

Washington, DC. There are no direct flights, but Continental and American fly with one connection (in Dallas or Houston usually). Trip is about 6.5 hours flight time. - Jun 2010

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