Guadalajara - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes, usually reliable outside of rainy season. However, you will not get help having internet installed prior to your arrival, and you are on your own (and your Spanish) to set up your internet when you get here. Sometimes it takes many weeks. - Aug 2023

Internet available and decently-priced. Installation is relatively quick at around 2 weeks to a month. Your sponsor may be able to jump start the process. - Jan 2023

I have no complaints. Enough to stream. Plenty of options. - Aug 2018

Internet is more or less similar in cost and speed to the US. Sometimes it'll be set up when you arrive. Other times, you have to set it up yourself and it can be a huge headache and take a few weeks. - Feb 2017

The options vary depending on your neighborhood, but both speed and cost are comparable to the U.S. - Jan 2015

Yes, and it's about what we'd expect in the U.S. both for cost and reliability. - Oct 2014

Yes, about US$50 per month. - May 2014

Yes, i think we paid about US$25/month. - Apr 2014

Yes. About US$100/month. - Jun 2013

Yes. US$30 per month. - Jan 2012

Yes, it is about $30 per month - Jan 2011

Yes. It's decent speed and pretty reliable -- and about $25 a month. - Jun 2010

Telmex is the best. 1G for about US$25 a month. - Feb 2008

Yes, about US$60 per month. - Jan 2008


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