Guadalajara - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Yes - Aug 2023

Yes, GDL has a strong LGBT community. - Jan 2023

It's nickname is "Gaydalajara." GDL has a huge gay scene for a conservative Latin American city. It's not uncommon to see same-sex couples holding hands on Chapultapec. There are a lot of gay bars/clubs and most establishments are gay-friendly. The post's Public Affairs Office and the CG are both very active in supporting and working with the LGBT community.

Also, it's only a 5 hour drive to Puerto Vallarta, which is an international gay beach destination. - Feb 2017

I would assume so. - Feb 2015

Absolutely. - Jan 2015

Yes. - Oct 2014

The gay people I knew seemed to have a good time and mix with the locals well. I did not hear of any problems for them. - May 2014

I believe so. - Apr 2014

Yes. - Jun 2013

Yes. - Jan 2012

Yes, there is a gay population here, and locals have said that it is pretty tolerant, although they say there is less tolerance in the smaller towns in Mexico. - Jan 2011

There is a large gay community here, and it's supposed to be a gay-friendly city. - Jun 2010

YES. Guadalajara may be know as a conservative city but it's also the heart of GAY Mexico. It's definitely a paradox and you don't see many people who are completely out especially in public, but there are plenty of gay clubs, bars, and restaurants/coffeehouses. There's even a gay pride parade every year and a monthly magazine. More information is available at Plus, there's always the scene in Puerto Vallarta just 4-5 hours away by car. - Feb 2008

I don't know for sure as it is not openly displayed (this is a conservative Catholic city). - Jan 2008


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