Guadalajara - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Cockroaches - Aug 2023

Some issues with cockroaches, especially during dry season, but nothing too awful. - Jan 2023

Lots of cockroaches and ants, but, not more than you would expect from a tropical climate. - Aug 2018

The Mexican cockroach is no joke. They are huge and fearless and they don't really care how clean your house may be, they're coming to check it out. The smaller 'dirty house' cockroaches exist but aren't nearly as plentiful if you're a diligent cleaner. Black Widow AND Brown Widow spiders are common. Ants are plentiful from the giant headed leaf cutters to the tiny, super fast house ants, they're a pain. The mosquitoes are stealthy and annoying but the electric racket sold on the street corners is loads of fun for killing them. - Feb 2015

Nothing out of the ordinary. - Jan 2015

Mosquitos can carry dengue (although we've just heard this and don't know anyone who has had personal experience with this) and there are ants. Some people have trouble with cockroaches and spiders in their houses. Generally, the insects aren't much of a problem here. - Oct 2014

I didn't notice any. - May 2014

Very few, mainly ants and cockroaches. - Apr 2014

Ants, roaches and mosquitoes in the rainy season. - Jun 2013

Yes! Cockroaches. - Jan 2012

Ants, small roaches. Some homes saw some black widows with all the construction in the neighborhood. Flying insects are no problem in the dry months, but mosquitoes are active in the rainy season and on the coast. - Jan 2011

There are times when the mosquitoes are bad, but it doesn't seem like it's often. But there have been a few outbreaks of Dengue, so it's important to cover up and wear bug spray when this happens. - Jun 2010


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