Guadalajara - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Bad air and foodborne illnesses mostly. Some people have had dengue but it's not that widespread. - Aug 2023

Health is generally good. Dry season can be rough on people with breathing problems as there is more dust and smoke in the air, but nothing horrible. - Jan 2023

Medical care is great. - Aug 2018

Medical care is very high quality and very affordable. No health concerns. - Feb 2017

Medical care is EXCELLENT. Many Americans come just for the care. - Feb 2015

We've had only minor health issues but have been perfectly happy with the quality of care we've received so far. Many doctors are U.S. trained and speak good English. More and more, Americans are coming to Mexico for medical tourism, and I can see why. Especially for dental work, the quality is great and half the cost as back home. - Jan 2015

Excellent. People travel here for good care than is much less expensive than in the U.S. - Oct 2014

Lots of good doctors and dentists at reasonable prices. - May 2014

Great medical care, better than the U.S. Pediatricians who will meet you on a Sunday evening, or at 8pm at night, hospitals that are like spas, and the price is great! - Apr 2014

Have had the good forture of not having to know. - Jun 2013

There is air pollution. Medical care is excellent and at a good price. - Jan 2012

No. - Jan 2011

No major health concerns. But be very careful which doctors you pick -- get recommendations from people you trust. I have heard some scarey stories (and have one myself) about bad experience with doctors (even some recommended ones). - Jun 2010

Medical care is good. San Javier Hospital and Puerta de Hierro Hospital have good reputations. San Javier even takes Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurance. - Feb 2008

Pollution combined with altitude causes lots of respiratory problems. - Jan 2008


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