Guadalajara - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Bars, restaurants, hiking groups. - Aug 2023

The options really are too diverse to list. The consulate has a good community, but there are also tons of options to socialize outside of the consulate. - Aug 2018

The Consulate community isn't the most social. The city is a great place and people don't seem to need the connection with colleagues that exists at harder posts. There's also a huge divide between the singles (and childless couples) and the families, given different living locations. That said, there's been a recent influx of younger officers who are more social. When I arrived there were very few singles and people weren't very social. GDL is like any other city--restaurants, bars, a few museums, lots of outdoor markets, lots of craft/design fairs. Some concerts come through. - Feb 2017

Anything you'd do in the U.S. Restaurants, movies, bars, clubs, birthday parties, playdates, etc. - Jan 2015

Movies, clubs, eating out, visiting Puerto Vallarta. - May 2014

BBQs, movies, parks, outdoor mall, hiking, hanging out with friends. - Apr 2014

Excellent, incuding lots of movies in English in theaters. - Jun 2013

The list is long. - Jan 2012

Everywhere. - Jan 2011

It's a good social scene here. People often go to dinner, or out to bars and clubs -- and there are often people having others to their homes for dinner and parties. People sometimes organize trips out of town as well. Lately, consulate-organized events, specifically, have not been well attended, unfortunately. - Jun 2010

Restaurants, social events (weddings, 15 year old parties, cook-outs, etc.), bars and clubs - Feb 2008

Yes, lots of good restaurants and clubs. - Jan 2008


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