Guadalajara - Post Report Question and Answers

How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

Lots. You need Spanish to really get by. - Aug 2023

You need a decent amount of Spanish for daily living. Most personnel in stores/restaurants don't speak English. Most meetings and school stuff conducted in Spanish. - Jan 2023

You can do without learning Spanish, but it makes life so much easier if you at least try to learn as much as you can. - Aug 2018

English isn't very widely spoken in GDL, but you can get by without Spanish---there will always be someone at a restaurant who can speak English. Socially you're about 60/40 for whether or not someone will speak English. You'll find life MUCH easier with Spanish, however. - Feb 2017

It's pretty essential to know the basics. Many, many people in GDL speak English but as that we're in MX, don't be THAT person.. learn the basics. Your attempts will be profoundly appreciated. People in GDL are incredibly warm and kind and honestly beam with happiness when you behave like a gracious guest. USE YOUR MANNERS, this is a profoundly genteel society. - Feb 2015

Spanish is helpful, but I've found that most Mexicans who run in the same circles as expats speak perfectly good English too. - Jan 2015

You can get away without much Spanish although it's always better to learn some. There are classes at the universities. - Oct 2014

You need to speak Spanish unless you live in the expat community in Chapala where everyone speaks English. Just a basic level will do as the locals are friendly. - May 2014

We used it all the time. Most people do not speak English but everyone is helpful and will try. - Apr 2014

You need Spanish most of the time, although half the population speaks English, particularly educated people. Those who work at the consulate (except for guards) all speak English. - Jun 2013

At least a basic working knowledge of Spanish. - Jan 2012

You need to know some Spanish. - Jan 2011

You need to have a working knowledge of Spanish. It would be frustrating and difficult to get around without it. - Jun 2010

Lots. Almost no one speaks English. This is less the case in Chapala/Ajijic which is where American/Canadian retirement community lives. - Feb 2008

The more the better although many people know some English. - Jan 2008

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