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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Affordable household help for about $35 a day. - Aug 2023

Household help is available and fairly cheap. We pay $125/week for full-time (40 hours) staff. We have both a nanny and a housekeeper. - Jan 2023

A full-time nanny is approximately US$400 per month. There is also part-time available as well. - Aug 2018

Once a week maid service for around $17. Most people have a cleaning lady with a lot of the officers sharing the same few people. A lot of the officers with children have live-in nannies. - Feb 2017

Great help is hard to find. Our housekeeper is AMAZING and like family but I hear that this really isn't the case for everyone. Live in, full time, part time house keepers are readily available. Approximately US30$ a day is common for pay for a part-time housekeeper. TIP: The rules here for holiday pay, leave pay, etc are VERY SPECIFIC and serious. Know the rules and how to write a contract BEFORE you hire. - Feb 2015

Full-time help is pretty affordable (US$600 for our nanny) but by law they have pretty good benefits packages in terms of leave time and severance pay, so factor that in too. Nannies can live in or not. It's also possible to hire a housekeeper for only one day a week if you'd prefer. Some expats employ drivers. We have a guy who comes to our house to wash our car for US$10 or so. It's pretty cheap to hire help for whatever you need. - Jan 2015

Readily available and cheap. - Apr 2014

About MXP250 per visit for a cleaning lady once per week. - Jun 2013

200 to 250 pesos per day. - Jan 2012

$100 per week for 32 hours. - Jan 2011

It's plentiful and cheap. Most people pay less than $20 a day for cleaning/nanny. - Jun 2010

For cleaning it's good about US$15-20 for once a day and even less if they come everyday. My colleagues tell me that nannies are much harder to find. Many have brought them to Mexico from other Latin American countries after not having any success on the local market. - Feb 2008

About US$100 per week is average but it is very difficult to find good local help. Nannies are even harder to find and none of them speak English. - Jan 2008

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