Guadalajara - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

US carriers work here. - Aug 2023

Many US carriers offer free coverage in Mexico, but may boot you off your plan if you use it too much. We had to switch our US numbers from T-Mobile to Google Fi (Google Fi offers an exception for FSOs in Mexico). I have a work cell phone with a local plan, but primarily use my US phone and number. - Jan 2023

I use T-mobile. It's fine and cheap. I pay about $30 for 4 GB of data and unlimited calls. - Aug 2018

People seem to fall into 3 camps: use the office-issued Blackberry; keep their US number and use that; get a local plan. A popular local plan is with AT&T, about $30/mo, 5ish GB, free calls/texts to US/Canada, no roaming charges in US/Canada. - Feb 2017

Bring an unlocked phone. Telcel and other carriers are abundant. You can get a prepaid chip and refill it at most every grocery store. - Feb 2015

Most people bring unlocked iPhones and get a local plan once arriving. I have the maximum amount of data and it costs only US$40 or so a month. If you don't want a smart phone, you can wait and buy one locally when you arrive. They're sold at Oxxo (like a 7-11) for as little as US$30. - Jan 2015

Everything is avilable and inexpensive. - May 2014

Bring your own, buy a sim there.Getting a plan is a challenge. They do a full "investigation" and have trouble unless you have a local bank account. It is easier to just buy the monthly sim refill cards. - Apr 2014

Bring one from the US (they are about 30% more expensive locally) and use a local plan. - Jun 2013

Telcel. - Jan 2012

Cell service is great and pay-as-you-go plans are available. - Jan 2011

Most people have the Telcel pay-as-you-go service here. - Jun 2010

Telcel's Amigo is a good option. It's a rechargable/pay as you go plan. - Feb 2008

Don't get a contract!I f your phone is stolen, then you will incur a huge bill and it is difficult to cancel the contract. It is better to buy a cell phone and buy cards to load minutes. - Jan 2008

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