Guadalajara - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Uber is best - Aug 2023

Taxis and Ubers are safe and plentiful. We are not supposed to take local public buses or metro, but it doesn't appear to dangerous. - Jan 2023

Bus travel is not recommended, but UBER is here and that is cheap and easy. - Aug 2018

Just take Uber. It costs about $1.80 for a 20-minute ride. A 45-minute ride to the airport is under $10. We are urged not to use buses/taxis/the metro. - Feb 2017

Taxis are safe and decently priced. Make sure to either see that there is a meter OR better yet, set up an agreed price with the driver BEFORE you go. The Gringo Pricing is real and it's steep. Currently, from Zapopan to the Airport (40 minutes) is around 300 pesos. - Feb 2015

There aren't local trains except for a tourist one to the town of Tequila. City buses aren't particularly safe, but taxis are. My 25-minute commute to work costs about US$8. People rave about luxury coach bus service to Vallarta. - Jan 2015

Sitio taxis are safe and relatively inexpensive compared to the U.S. We're not allowed to take the buses and the metro line is very short in Guadalajara and doesn't go into Zapopan at all so we've never tried it, unfortunately. This is a walkable city and I don't feel like I have to drive everywhere even though I can't take the bus. One reason I love to go to Mexico DF is to ride the Metro there. - Oct 2014

Taxis were safe. I would not consider the buses safe. - May 2014

Taxis are safe and affordable from the taxi stands; we were not permitted to take buses or metro. - Apr 2014

They are affordable, if not cheap, but are not permitted due to safety issues. - Jun 2013

Definitely affordable. City buses are privately run and are not considered very safe. - Jan 2012

Intercity bus travel is great if you go 1st class. We do not use the public transportation in the city. - Jan 2011

There are no passenger trains. Buses are available, but we haven't used them. Taxis are pretty cheap. - Jun 2010

Buses are affordable and can be very comfortable is you take the luxury or executive class lines. Taxis are safe and cheaper than in the U.S. - Feb 2008

Taxis are generally safe but a bit expensive. Local buses are not recommended due to safety and security. - Jan 2008

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