Guadalajara - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Yes and yes, just be careful at night at an ATM. - Aug 2023

Credit cards are widely accepted at larger stores and restaurants, but cash often required for smaller shops. ATMs are common and easy to use. One note: every ATM will offer to convert your withdrawal to US dollars, but the mark-up is horrendous, so you should decline the conversion. ATMs are a little less safe than the US as there can be some robberies or express kidnappings, but I have not heard any direct stories of these. - Jan 2023

Yes. - Aug 2018

No issues. Credit cards are accepted at most sit-down restaurants, grocery stores, and malls. - Feb 2017

Avoid it if you can. On the daily, use cash. If you need an ATM, Costco has a few. - Feb 2015

I use credit cards frequently. Even AmEx is accepted most places I go. I haven't had any issues. - Jan 2015

We've had trouble with credit cards and rarely use them, although we know a lot of other expats who use them all the time. We stick with ATMs and have never had a problem getting money out. There are drastically different fees at different machines so pay attention. - Oct 2014

Limit your use of credit cards. Our credit card was cloned the first time we used it. - May 2014

It is a very cash-based place. Not all little places take cards. We had no problems getting money at ATMs in certain places. All the malls and bigger restaurants take cards. - Apr 2014

They are safe at banks during the day and widely available. Night use of ATMs is discouraged for safety reasons. - Jun 2013

Make sure to use trusted sites where you can always see your credit card. - Jan 2012

They are plentiful and safe if you use them in the daylight hours and take normal precautions. - Jan 2011

You can't use credit cards everywhere. Some restaurants and stores only take cash. - Jun 2010

Credit cards are accepted at most large stores and restaurants. Mastercard/Visa is more common than Amex. ATMs are plentiful and safe to use. If you're a Bank of America account holder, you can use Santander ATMs fee free. - Feb 2008

You can use ATMS but do so indoors to avoid robberies. - Jan 2008

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