Guadalajara - Post Report Question and Answers

How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

You can buy anything you need, but inflation and the strengthening peso have made everything about 30% more expensive than it used to be. We spend much more than we thought we would. - Aug 2023

Grocery stores are plentiful and American-style. There is Costco and Sams Club. Prices are comparable to USA with some imported items more expensive and local products cheaper. Amazon is available for US consulate officers and it usually arrives 6-10 days after ordering. Delivery services are plentiful and much cheaper than US. Some produce expires more quickly than in the States and there is less variety in things like lettuce. - Jan 2023

Overall about what you would pay in the US. Shopping and markets are obviously cheaper. Shopping at Costco is a lot more expensive. The regular stores seem to be fine and have everything you would need. However, I have not been able to find dill pickles. - Aug 2018

Anything you want is available. It's basically "bizarro California." Sometimes items disappear from grocery stores, so if you see something you like/use often, it's best to buy a bunch. Otherwise you can get most everything from Amazon/Walmart/ Grocery stores are generally large and American-style. Great produce. - Feb 2017

Goods are costly, services are cheap. So while you pay around US$30 a day for a house keeper, you'll not get out of Walmart (yes, that Walmart.. they're everywhere here and it's not as trashy, I promise) or Costco (yup, i said it..) for under US$100 or more. - Feb 2015

Prices are comparable to the U.S. if you go to grocery stores like Wal-Mart (which is fancy here, more like a Target would be in the U.S.), but you can save money but shopping elsewhere. Brands and selections are sometimes different, but there hasn't been anything I've wanted that I haven't been able to eventually find. Costco is more expensive than in the U.S. but a good option for things you have trouble finding elsewhere. - Jan 2015

Prices in the grocery stores are fairly similar to the U.S. The weekly street markets can be a good place to buy good produce and local food for less, although it depends on the area they're in. The fruit is wonderful here. Costco is more expensive than the U.S., but if something is imported, it's usually cheapest at Costco. However, you can often find a much less expensive local version in the markets. Abastos market is a giant warehouse market with great prices. There are a few stores, including one in Abastos, where you can buy ingredients to make food from all over Asia. There are expensive stores with imported household supplies here too, but as with the food, you can nearly always find a cheaper local version that works well. - Oct 2014

Food is cheaper than in the U.S. although imported items can run a bit higher. - May 2014

If you shop at the local markets it is much cheaper than the U.S. Even if you shop Walmart and Costco, I would say you spend about 30-40% less than in DC. - Apr 2014

I find produce to be much cheaper (5 avocados for about US$2) but imported food more expensive. Costco and Walmart, as well as Home Depot, exist but are slightly pricier than in the US. - Jun 2013

Most American products are available here. Depending on the product and the store, prices can vary. - Jan 2012

Produce is less expensive generally. Prepackaged items are more expensive. Overall, things are more expensive by 20% or so. - Jan 2011

You can get pretty much anything you want here. Most food items are about the same price as in the U.S. There are several different grocery chains and also Costco and Sam's Club. There are lots of street markets where fresh produce and meats are cheaper than in the stores. You also can find some American brands that are not in the stores here in international markets, but those items are pretty expensive. - Jun 2010

Cost of groceries and general goods are about the same or a bit cheaper than the US. Electronics/computers are considerably more expensive. - Feb 2008

Mexico is very expensive. For a family of four, groceries can run US$125-$150 or more per week. - Jan 2008

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