Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Violent crime is virtually unheard of. Crimes of convenience, like pickpockets and counterfeit currency, are common. However, the darker your skin color, the more likely you will be confronted with overt racism, and more than one African-American has been attacked. - May 2019

Not physical security. Other kinds of security concerns are prevalent. - Nov 2018

In terms of crime, very little to worry about. It's safe to go out at night, take taxis, let your kids play in the complex. - Nov 2015

It's China- go ahead and assume all of your electronics are compromised and that your activities are being monitored. In terms of crime, Guangzhou is actually a really safe city, in my experience- I went all over town and never really felt unsafe. Crimes of opportunity do happen, things like pickpocketing or purse theft if you leave your purse on the floor or unwatched in a restaurant, but I never heard of anyone having more serious problems. That being said, if some kind of incident occurs that draws a crowd, things can go bad very quickly. There were intense anti-Japan protests while I was there, and while I personally didn't have any problems, a large mob of protesters did some fairly significant damage to a large hotel that housed part of the Japanese Consulate and a lot of Americans visiting the area. Whether or not protests like this are quashed tends to depend on whether or not they serve some kind of government interest. - Aug 2014

I assume every that every single electronic gadget that I brought, have used, bought or will buy here is compromised. Guangzhou is very safe. - May 2013

I've heard of the occasional pickpocket, but crime-wise this place is very safe. The most dangerous part of the day is dodging crazy drivers when crossing the street. - Apr 2013

China is extremely safe, you can comfortable walk down the street at all hours. - Jan 2013

There are very few risks to your physical safety while in Guangzhou. Traffic accidents are the biggest risk to your physical safety. - Oct 2011

Nothing dangerous at all. This is the safest place we've ever lived. I've only heard of one incident of pick-pocketing, but I'm sure it happens in some areas of the city. Definitely no violent crime. But just remember that China is not a free society, there are cameras all over the place. - May 2011

None. - Jul 2009

Very safe. There is some pickpocketing and petty theft, but Guangzhou is far safer than your average American metropolitan area. I don't know a single person who's been the victim of a crime here. - Jan 2009

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