What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Good schools. - May 2019

Our daughter is at the American school (AISG). Our experience has been generally positive but it's important to note that the school is at least 75% Chinese kids with foreign passports. I think the administration is starting to skew towards the interests of the Chinese parents. - Nov 2015

I have no personal experience with the international schools, but the people I knew who had kids seemed pretty pleased with them. I heard some rumblings that the academic environment at the American school was very high-pressure and intense, which didn't fit the needs of some families, and also that there had been a couple instances of bullying that weren't really resolved, but that was quite a while ago now and may have been resolved. Aside from the American school, there's also Utahloy, which attracts a lot of Aussies, and the British school. Some families also opted to send their kids to local schools, which seemed to work out well, though you should be prepared for some cultural differences. - Aug 2014

French school: I have heard reports that the teachers there are not so great. The school is very small, so socialization is notably limited. Utahloy international has a robust sports program. The American International School, I hear, is pretty good. The high school is quite far from the city, though. Local schools are quite good if you'd like your children to learn Chinese. - May 2013

We don't have kids, but I have heard great things about the American school here. - Apr 2013

I don't have kids, but those who do seem thrilled with the International School. - Jan 2013

No direct experience. American International School Guangzhou is located on Ersha Island and has many American and British teachers. I have not heard any complaints. - Oct 2011

Supposed to be good, no direct experience. I think there's at least an American one, British one, and a Canadian one. - May 2011

I have no experience with the schools, but my colleagues are very happy with their children's school experience. - Jul 2009

No experience, but I haven't heard too many people complain. Most of the consulate children attend the American International School Guangzhou. - Jan 2009

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