What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Get out of the big cities and explore-- China is as big as the US and has a vibrant history. Visit regional countries; flights are plentiful and cheaper than domestic flights! The high speed rail network is amazing; clean, modern, reasonably priced. - May 2019

Really amazing trips in Asia, easy access to Hong Kong. - Nov 2018

Definitely traveling around SE Asia, but there are also a lot of cool things to see within China. That being said, Guangzhou itself is not that exciting. I would liken it to Cleveland. It has everything you could want in a big city, but you wouldn't necessarily make a special trip to go there as a tourist. - Nov 2015

Traveling within China and around Southeast Asia. The Guangzhou airport is good-sized and has connecting flights all over the place, and if you can't find a flight out of Guangzhou, you can probably find one leaving Hong Kong. I had a fair amount of experiences with East Asia, but very few with Southeast Asia, and Guangzhou was a great base for traveling around the region. Hong Kong is an amazing city, and I miss having such easy access to it. As for Guangzhou itself, it has a ton of markets and a fair number of concerts and other cultural events, often with very inexpensive ticket prices. I was able to see Yoyo Ma perform for something like fifteen dollars, and the Liverpool Football Club also played an exhibition match while I was there, again for about ten or fifteen bucks a ticket. Guangzhou also has a lot of good restaurants, and there only seemed to be more opening when I left. Learning Chinese, while difficult, was really rewarding and has really paid off even after leaving China. - Aug 2014

Definitely traveling through SE Asia... Flights to Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, etc. are all relatively short and inexpensive from Guangzhou. In fact, going to these countries is sometimes cheaper than taking a trip in China. As for China, hiking the Great Wall and visiting Zhangjiajie Park were major highlights. Unfortunately, with the pollution as bad as it is, seeing any sights around Guangzhou isn't very exciting. - Apr 2013

Guangzhou is constantly changing and expanding, so there are a lot of new places to check out. China itself is very diverse, so there is a lot of opportunity to travel regionally. Chengdu - Pandas, Yangshou - mountains and biking, Hong Kong - entertainment and dining, Shanghai - shopping, Beijing - historical sites. - Jan 2013

Having 3 airports in the immediate vicinity (Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong) to leaveThe city like the country is broken. There will be 12 sales clerks in a store, but no cashier to pay. It rains here almost every day however the city has no drainage and floods monthlyOpen sewers run below sidewalks so you will frequently smell them when exiting businessesTraffic jams and the most packed subway cars I have ever seen - Oct 2011

Going to Hong Kong frequently. Having a nanny/housekeeper/cook ("ayi"). - May 2011

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