Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Although not illegal in China, social pressure on locals to get married and have a child is quite strong. Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan all have a much more active and visible gay community. Guangzhou has numerous chat groups and NGOs, but the bar scene is minimal. Now that Taiwan has legalized gay marriage, things may change on the mainland. - May 2019

The LGBT community seems pretty active in Guangzhou, led by some really passionate people at the consulate and local community. However, it is China so there are definite concerns for locals. - Nov 2015

Somewhat unexpectedly, yes. There are a couple of gay bars and clubs and what I gathered to be a pretty active LGBT community. Hong Kong is also nearby and has a very active LGBT community. The LGBT folks I knew at post seemed very happy there, and I didn't hear of many issues in this regard. - Aug 2014

Excellent socially, politically, and all around. - May 2013

I know plenty of gay expats here, and none of them have mentioned being discriminated against. The Chinese as a whole are pretty homophobic, but they are not the type to openly discriminate. - Apr 2013

It's a surprisingly great place for gay/lesbian expats. There is a big community here with night clubs. Hong Kong is a short 2-hour train ride with tons of bars and clubs. - Jan 2013

I've heard Shanghai and Hong Kong are better, obviously, and the Chinese are a bit homophobic, but there is a large ex-pat community and I know some people have started relationships - May 2011

I haven't seen any examples of prejudice here and I would guess there is a community somewhere here, but I don't know much about it. I'd guess it's ok. - Jan 2009

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