How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

Delivery via USG pouch or DPO can vary from ten days to three weeks. Amazon, Walmart, and Target seem to be favorites. Unfortunately, some people insist on skirting the rules and ship liquids, which often rupture in transit and mess up others' shipments. - May 2019

DPO, two-three weeks. It goes through Hong Kong and only comes once a week. - Nov 2018

DPO or pouch - Nov 2015

DPO. The timing of deliveries can vary pretty wildly, because the DPO is routed through Hong Kong, but it was a really nice option to have for sure. My mother once mailed me a postcard through China Post from Xian, and it finally got to Guangzhou about a month and a half after she had finished her visit. - Aug 2014

DPO and pouch. Both suck and are slow as death, but regular! - May 2013

Via the consulate, which has both the pouch and DPO. Packages usually take 2-3 weeks to arrive. - Apr 2013

DPO comes through Hong Kong. Packages can take anywhere from a week-and-a-half to a month to arrive. - Jan 2013

DPO at the consulate. - Oct 2011

We use the consulate's DPO and dip pouch. - May 2011

FPO, pouch. Mail takes a long time to get here. Count on 4-6 weeks. - Jul 2009

APO takes 2-3 weeks. DHL also ships here, but is expensive. I've never used the standard Chinese post system. - Jan 2009

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