What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

All the apartment buildings have a gym, and several have a pool. Or, bring a bicycle and ride the extensive walkways along the rivers. - May 2019

Apartments have gyms. - Nov 2018

Housing areas have small gyms - Nov 2015

Most of the apartment buildings have their own gyms that are free to residents. The Consulate also has a small gym, but the NCC wasn't open when I was there, so I don't know how large or well-equipped it is. A number of people had memberships at local gyms, which they said were reasonably-priced. There are also a number of options for personal trainers. - Aug 2014

Lots. - May 2013

Yes; many housing communities have their own gyms, but if that isn't your thing, there is a chain called Total Fitness with locations scattered across the city. They are about what you'd pay in the States for a membership, but you may find the quality and cleanliness standards are not the same. - Apr 2013

The US Consulate, as well as all consulate housing, have nice gym facilities. There are gyms available locally, but I do not know the costs. - Jan 2013

Most of the apartment complexes have gyms, the consulate has a gym and there are multiple private gyms as well. - Oct 2011

Yes, many apartment complexes have facilities. There are also Western-style membership gyms. - May 2011

Yes. The consulate has a gym, so does Oakwood. - Jul 2009

Yes, the consulate housing complexes all have gyms and there are many commercial gyms throughout the city. - Jan 2009

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