What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Winter cool and cloudy, a very brief pleasant t spring and autumn, and a hot/humid summer preceded by an intense rainy season transition. Occasionally a typhoon will come in, but usually not strong enough to blow out too many windows or down trees. - May 2019

Hot, humid summer. Then cool, humid winter. - Nov 2018

It's very hot and humid in the Summer between about May and September. After that it can be quite pleasant with low humidity but temperatures in the 70s-80s. - Nov 2015

Hot and wet during summer, cool and wet in winter. In the fall, there's usually a few weeks of really great, pleasant weather, and the time around Chinese New Year was also very comfortable (and enjoyable, since the city usually empties out at that time). Guangzhou has frequent, very sudden, very intense thunderstorms- it can be perfectly nice out, and the next thing you know, the dark clouds turn up and it starts pouring. Bring a good umbrella! - Aug 2014

Warm, hot, and humid. Winter can cool off some. It rains a lot, and there are really awesome thunderstorms. - May 2013

It's in a sub-tropical zone, so it's what you'd expect, but with smog. Summer is extremely hot, humid and rainy. There are about 2-3 weeks during the Fall that are very pleasant. Winters are mild (you may need a heavy coat one week out of the year), but January-March is EXTREMELY polluted. You will not see the sun for weeks. Spring is like summer-lite. - Apr 2013

It's quite hot in the summer, winters are pretty mild usually in the mid-50s. No snow! - Jan 2013

Weather is gross pretty much year round. Summer is very hot (over 100) with 70-90% humidity and rain every single day. Fall is hot (80-95) with 50-80% humidity and heavy rain every three or four daysWinter is a bit cooler (60-80) with 60% humidity and frequent rain - Oct 2011

Typically long hot and humid summers (April to September) and mild and less humid winters. November was perfect, December - February fluctuated between 70s and 40s. It doesn't snow here but there are a few weeks that will dip into the lower 40s. May/June through September/October are muggy and hot. - May 2011

Guangzhou is hot, steamy, and wet. Winter is a little cooler. - Jul 2009

Very hot summers, warm and rainy winters. Lots of gray days due to the pollution. - Jan 2009

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